Product Character: Black - Brown Liquid, water soluble,
pH =6-8


Modified Humic Acid, Nitrogen, Phosphorus, Potash, and Trace Elements (Cu+Fe+Zn+Mn+Cl+Mg)


Soil application: JINONG AQUA SPL. has to be added @ 3 Ltr per Acre in the soil of water reservoir.


Application of Jinong Soil & Aqua Special in the Soil as per the recommended dose controls pH level, increases organic carbon & fertility of the soil. It's application in water increases both plankton level, control pH balance, reduces the gases, supplies the oxygen, penetrates the sunlight into the water reservoir. It also fasters the normal growth of the fishes & prawns. It works fantastically in the germination of seeds pin. It is extremely effective specially on IMC (Indian Major Carp) variety & Prawns in Indian Climatic condition. Presence of Active Humic Acid in Soil & aqua Special with macro & micro elements makes it a world class quality product. It also reacts with the heavy metals dissolved within the water & convert it into an inert which sediments from the water gradually.

JINONG SOIL & AQUA SPECIAL has provided fantastic result in IMC (Indian Major Carp) & Prawn.

Expiry : 5 Years.