• Increase distribution network to 12 states of India by 2018 from the present level of 6 states.

  • Establish Block level presence to min. 400 nos. from the existing 210 level.

  • Quality upgradation of the existing marketing team and increasing the required no. to cover the additional area.

  • Maintain 35% (+) growth rate constantly.

  • Launching new products, all organic based to fulfill the market gap continuously without compromising on best quality.


  • Develop model organic farm module in different Block level at different states to increase awareness on organic cultivation through our marketing team by 2018.

  • Improved quality of farming and lives of the farmers on certain specific pockets which can be assessed and measured through periodic checks.

  • Focus on development of hard core dedicated customer focussed team by 2018.

  • Close co-ordinated working with PanthNagar and Kalyani Agriculture Universities for technical guidances.


Elegant Agro was born on this philosophy. In 2003 this new division of Elegant Fashion Fiber Chemicals Ltd. was established to promote only organic products in Agro / Fishery sector which was then totally controlled by the inorganic chemical products.

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Elegant, the name itself signifies its commitment towards all the works it undertakes. A company having different business interest starting from Agro Fertilizer to Industrial Chemicals, customer base ranging from domestic market to overseas market ...

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Mrs. Sabiha Nafis

Mr. Tapas Kr. Sinha Ray

Mr. Zia Nafis

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