Elegant, the name itself signifies its commitment towards all the works it undertakes. A company having different business interest starting from Agro Fertilizer to Industrial Chemicals, customer base ranging from domestic market to overseas market, products having indigenous source to imported one and having different places of business in India & abroad. 

Accepting challenge and maintaining growth, is it's passion. The group was formed in 1947 with leather manufacturing as it’s only activity, slowly diversified into leather export, leather chemicals distribution, leather goods manufacturing & export, Organic fertilizers import & distribution and so on. 

Company observed changing attitude of Government, policy makers and also the increasing health awareness of the common mass since end of Nineties in favour of organic farming. A change towards usage of organic products like organic fertilizer, pesticides, insecticides etc. for maintaining good health & good earth was slowly getting prominence in India. Company took it as a challenge and stood for the good cause. It is totally customer focussed & absolutely careful about ecological problem, hence it’s Agro Division deals only with organic products. 

Company plans to set up high-tech organic fertilizer production facility in collaboration with the overseas suppliers with whom company has got exclusive agreement of business tie-up, in the near future as per the market demand which is key area of business growth for the company.


Elegant Agro was born on this philosophy. In 2003 this new division of Elegant Fashion Fiber Chemicals Ltd. was established to promote only organic products in Agro / Fishery sector which was then totally controlled by the inorganic chemical products.

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Mrs. Sabiha Nafis

Mr. Tapas Kr. Sinha Ray

Mr. Zia Nafis

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