Product Character: Black or Brown Liquid, water soluble,
pH =5-7


Active Humic Acid, Nitrogen, Phosphorus, Potash, and Trace Elements.


Fertigination:- Soil application, One month before flowering in mango and litchi tree, where JINONG MANGO LITCHI SPL. has to be added in the soil with Maxim granular for best result. 
Foliar:- Spraying on the leaves, stems and on fruits @ 2ml-2.5ml per Ltr. of water and Mix with JINONG BOND 1ml/Ltr of water with Mango & Litchi Spl.


Increase more production and quality of friuts. It not only improves production in quality as well as it also increases its quantity. The normal storage life of the fruits increases if it is grown with Jinong.

JINONG has provided fantastic result on Mango, Litchi & Guava.

Expiry : 5 Years.