Product Character: Herbal Plant Protection (Extract of herbs).


Neem Extract with Nishinda(Vitex Negundo), Pipul(Piper Longum), Karanja(Pongamia pinnate), Banajwain(Thymus Serphyllum), Methi(Trigonella Foenum) with Aqua

Other Ingredients:

Bach(Acorus Calamus), Haldi(Curcuma Domestica), Vasaka(Adhatoda Vasica), Kamini(Murraya Paniculata), Kala Tulshi(Ocimum Canum).


Control various insects attacking field crops, flowers, fruits, foliage, tea plants, betel Vine and prevent various plant diseases. Neem is a unique extract from the Nature the best result can be achieved along with Chemical pesticide/insecticide combination.


5ml. of Plant Care to be mixed with 1ltr. of water and with any other chemical pesticides for the best effect. However the farmer has to decide the dosage depending on the crop.

CAUTION: Shake Well before Use.

Expiry: 3 Years.