Product Character: Dark Brown liquid, water soluble, pH:4-6, specific gravity:1.05-1.12

Main Ingredients:

Chitosan Oligosachharide, Seaweed Extract, Organic Matter, Vegetable Amino Acid.


For Foliar Application use 1.25 ml- 1.5 ml per liter of water with 10-15 days interval on normal condition.
1.5ml to 2.0 ml per liter of water in case of poor health condition of plant and should be repeated in 5 to 7days period.


Promotes plant growth, improve crop quality, increases yield. Improves immunity in the plant, there by reduces the risk of disease. In a nutshell it reduces the risk of Virus and Bacterial attacks. Soil application increases drought resistance in the soil. It has no toxic residue.

Expiry : 3 Years.