Product Character: Dark Brown Liquid, water soluble,
pH =4-5


Active Fulvic Acid, NPK, and Trace Elements with extra Zinc etc.


Fertigination: Soil application, where Thunder has to be added @ 1 Ltr per Acre in the soil before plantation. 

Foliar: Spraying on the leaves, stems and on fruits @ 1.25ml-1.5ml per Ltr. of water. However the farmer has to decide the dosage depending on the crop.


Increases production and quality of crop. Increases draught resistance of the soil and protects plants from diseases. Supplies sufficient nutrition to plant for growth.

JINONG THUNDER has been recommended for soil & foliar application for paddy, wheat, fruits, pulses, tea gerdens & all kinds of vegetables.

Expiry: 5 Years.