Product Character: Brown Liquid, water soluble, pH =3-5


Amino Acid, Micro Elements (Cu, Fe, Zn, Mn), Secondary Elements (S, Ca, Mg) NPK, Bio-Chemical Fulvic Acid, Insoluble substances

Meanwhile, the product also contains certain quantity, nucleotide, biological acid, etc., plant endogenous hormone and biochemical activity substance.


Foliar: In the Seedling stage and small plants 0.5ml - 1ml per liter of water.
For matured plant 1.5ml - 2ml per liter of water.
During fruit set stage spraying interval should be Limited 7 - 10 days.

Special effect of Amino Acid on Vegetables, Fruits & Tea Garden:

The product is an ecological foliar fertilizer. It is basically suitable for various grains, fruit trees, vegetables, melon and fruit, tea leaves, cotton, oil seeds, tobacco, etc. It has got distinct actions on taking root, germinating, strong sprout, flower promoting, stimulating enzyme activity, raising photosynthesis and improving crops quality.

Expiry : 3 Years.