Mites controller
Herbal based

Spice Mitigone is a mixture of herbal chemicals which have biological and toxicological properties. It is a blend of insecticidal / miticidal compounds derived from biological and organic substances. The compounds act as an insecticide by interfering with the nervous system of the insect. This nervous system effect causes the insect to become paralyzed. It is used to control spider red mites, Yellow mites in cotton, vegetables, fruits, horticulture and trees.


  • Attack on nerve system of targeted pest.
  • Immediate Knock Down Effect
  • Effective Residual Control
  • Broad range of Insects/mites targeted
  • Immediate control
  • Cost Effective

Composition (v/v):

Liquid formulation contains Plant Extract 4%, Stabilizers 10%, Surfactants 10% etc.

Directions for use:

Foliar spray: Mix 2 product per Ltr. of water and spray to control of target pest.

Recommended for:

All types of crops against Spider red mites, Yellow Mites etc.


Can use along with other fertilizers or Insecticides chemicals.