Larva controller

Herbal based

Spice ShotBhi is a mixture of herbal chemicals which have biological and toxicological properties. It builds resistance blockers in resistance building chain. It attacks on nerve system of targeted pest. It has strongest antifeedant activity, pest stop feeding on host. Pest body loosing calcium++ from body in the form of water and muscle contraction have found. The insects loose muscle control, stop feeding, and exhibit a pronounced contraction paralysis of the whole body. Typically, the larvae become immobile or movements are very restricted and extremely slow.


  • Attack on nerve system of targeted pest.
  • Immediate Knock Down Effect
  • Effective Residual Control
  • Broad range of Insects/mites targeted
  • Immediate control
  • Cost Effective

Composition (v/v):

Liquid formulation contains Plant Extract 4%, Stabilizers 10%, Surfactants 10% etc.

Directions for use:

Foliar spray: Mix 2 product per Ltr. of water and spray to control of target pest.

Recommended for:

All types of crops against Stem borer, Fruit Borer, Rice Bug , DBM, Semi-Looper etc.


Can use along with other fertilizers or Insecticides chemicals.