Organic Sulfur

Spice Sulfostrong is unique bio product comprising of a mixture of organic sulfer based growth promoters based on bio active substances derived from Protein hydrolysates of vegetative origin using enzyme hydrolysis method. Sulfur is one of the 18 essential plant nutrients, gained fourth place in fertilizer management. Sulfur deficiency symptoms in many ways resemble those of Nitrogen,i.e. the leaves become pale-yellow or light green. Organic sulfur has multi-site contact action which makes it 5 times effective than chemical sulfur. Sulfur is generally used to enhance the metabolism of the soil and improve the growth and yield of plants.


Organic sulfur with Protein Hydrolyzes, Stabilizer and carrier base etc.

Soil Application:

Mix 750gm per Acre.

However the farmer has to decide the dosage depending on the crop and soil condition.


Compatible with most of the insecticides, pesticides and growth promoters.


Store in cool & dry place. Avoid moisture. Don’t store in intense sunlight.

Expiry: 3 Years.

All active constituents are exempt from registration under CIB or FCO India.